Mike Johnston & Reid Hoffman Discuss Building a Thriving Economy in Colorado

March 8, 2018

March 8, 2018
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Denver, CO – On Sunday, March 4, gubernatorial candidate Mike Johnston and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman held a public event to discuss ways to develop forward-looking jobs and industries across Colorado.

Hoffman noted, “This is the first time I’ve traveled to a political event. I’m here because I support Mike and because Colorado can be a beacon to the rest of the country.” Remarking on Johnston’s longstanding interest in creating positive change through technological innovation, Hoffman said, “Mike has been asking these questions on innovation for years, and I always remember to bring a notebook when we talk.”

The Denver event followed the Johnston campaign’s release of its Technology & Innovation For Good policy earlier the same day. Johnston emphasized the importance of providing Coloradans with the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). From ensuring every high school offers computer science courses to providing workers with the opportunity to gain the skills they need for the jobs to come, Johnston made clear his agenda would focus on bringing about progress in which all Coloradans are included, regardless of geography or career stage.

Reflecting on the need to bring a new spirit of innovation and urgency to state government, Johnston stated, “We’re going to lead at the state level, whether on issues of the environment or on immigration. We don’t have to wait for the federal government to solve our problems. We will move forward regardless.”

Linking his vision for governing with his background as an entrepreneur, Johnston said, “You start with a vision for what you want to change about the world, build a team to get that vision done, and then relentlessly track your data and fix your mistakes until you get it right.”

Whether through bolstering school curriculums, expanding broadband, or facilitating additional training for workers, Johnston’s bold and comprehensive vision for building Colorado’s economy reflects the enormous potential of our state and the willingness of Coloradans from all walks of life to join in common cause and work to shape a better future.

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